MISSION: Provide quality coaching that will enhance the bowling experience no matter what the skill level.

VISION: To provide education about the sport through quality coaching.

For some it’s easy to throw the ball well, but there is so much more to the game. The other facets can make the difference between winning and losing, moving to the next level, or not. Ballard’s Bowling Academy will help guide you through the bowling journey in a way that you can understand the game and yourself.

What are some of the facets that contribute to success?

  • Know yourself
  • Know your game and your capabilities
  • Reading ball motion
  • How to attack lane patterns
  • Knowing your arsenal and making it work for you
  • Mental preparationmissionlogo
  • Physical conditioning

Whether you are interested in lessons or clinics, Ballard’s Bowling Academy will have what you need to enhance your game and take you to the next level. The Academy’s focus is everyone who loves the game of bowling. Whether you are a youth bowler just starting to make your impact on the sport, or an established player, there is something you can learn at The Academy.

I look forward to spending time with you on the lanes,




Del Ballard made a career by rolling a ball down the lane and during that journey amassed 13 PBA Professional titles that include 5 major championships – 2 U.S. Open 082015delChampionships, Tournament of Champions, ABC (USBC) Masters and the Brunswick World Open.

In a career that spanned over 20 years, Del earned career winnings of more than 1.3 million dollars, and in addition to the PBA and USBC Halls, Del is also a member of the Dallas and Texas State Halls of Fame.

One thing Del realized during his success on tour, was that it took much more than throwing the ball well to be a champion.  Reading the lanes, knowing your equipment, and being mentally prepared are just a few items that all contribute to success.

A natural path for Del after his bowling career was coaching.  He was known as one of the go-to guys for ball suggestions and lane pattern strategy.  Through this his second true passion came through – coaching.  Over the past 18 years he has coached some of the world’s best female and male professional bowlers as well as International teams.  Some of the highlights of his coaching career include:

  • Ball rep and coach for the Storm/Roto Grip Staff of Champions
  • Coach for the University of North Texas Men’s Bowling Team
  • Ball motion specialist for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) National Team
  • Ball motion specialist for the Hong Kong Men’s and Women’s National Team
  • International Ambassador for USBC

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Del is currently the PBA National Tour Rep for Storm, Roto Grip, and Master Industries Worldwide, and has served similar positions for both Brunswick and Ebonite prior.


Carolyn Dorin-Ballard began bowling at the age of 6 in Linden, NJ, and progressed through the ranks all the way to 22 professional titles, including 3 career majors, over the 082015carolyncourse of her stellar career in the sport.

A 4-time member of Team USA, Carolyn was enshrined in the USBC Hall of Fame in 2008.  She was the PWBA Player of the Year in both 2001 and 2003, and her 2001 season featured a record-tying 7 titles, including the WIBC (now USBC) Queens Championship.

Nicknamed “CDB”, Carolyn serves as the Director of Coaching for the United States Bowling Congress, and has done extensive work promoting the sport at the High School and Collegiate levels.  She is a member of both the Roto Grip and Turbo 2-n-1 Grips Pro Staffs.

In addition to the USBC Hall, she is also a member of the Union County (NJ) and Greater Fort Worth USBC Halls of Fame.

Now residing in Keller, TX, Carolyn and husband Del have one daughter named Alyssa.